CommScope RUCKUS Webinar Series

Aug. 19 | Sep. 16 | Oct. 14 1pm EDT Your Desk!

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Converged Wired and Wireless Enterprise Networks

Session #1: 2020 Technology Trends

Wednesday August 19th | 1PM EDT

RUCKUS® products enable any IT organization, regardless of size or sophistication, to easily deploy, manage and grow increasingly complex networks that serve both IT and OT requirements. With fewer network elements to manage and machine learning- and AI-powered service assurance, RUCKUS networks simplify life for IT while delivering a reliably exceptional connectivity experience. In this session we will explore WiFi6 technology and what’s next, IoT evolution in 2020, Cloud and Edge Computing, PoE and the required infrastructure to effectively support your W-Fi network.

Session #2: Connected Building

Wednesday September 16th | 1PM EDT

Owners of commercial and residential properties are looking to the Internet of Things (IoT) to transform the way people live and work. Now, Ruckus makes it easy to integrate Smart Building IoT applications into residences and workplaces, and make them safer, greener and more comfortable. With a growing suite of building automation solutions, all running on the Ruckus IoT platform, property owners and operators can build a flexible foundation for a world of new IoT experiences. In this session we will explore building a smart ecosystem, converged infrastructure for IT, OT & IoT and creating solutions to support these building networks.

Session #3: Smart Campus Evolution

Wednesday October 14th | 1PM EDT

Smart campuses are no longer solely defined as a University or post secondary educational properties when deploying Wi-Fi infrastructure. Smart campuses are now like smart cities and defined as places where devices and applications have access to services and facilitating operational efficiency on the property. Examples of these networks are deployed in hospitals, power plants, industrial manufacturing sites, food processing facilities and many other organizations with large footprints for their business operation. With many buildings and grounds requiring access to transport data, manage assets and monitor systems, it’s now imperative that the Wi-Fi network is effective and robust. In this session we will explore Wi-Fi Protocol Evolution, Wireless & Connectivity Conversion and High Density Wi-Fi with Location Analytics.

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